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Reach and engage more customers with AI Tools for Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation are transforming the way marketers work and helping them win more business. Tools such as ChatGPT, website chatbots, and scheduling bots can help marketers in many ways. Effective marketers are using these tools to quickly create relevant content, engage website visitors, and even schedule first meetings for sales.

Creating Content with AI

Finding topics that are relevant and interesting to the target audience is one of the biggest challenges for marketers. And once they have a list of topics they have to create content. Marketers often find that they don't have enough time or expertise to create relevant content.

ChatGPT helps marketers with both of these tasks: it serves as an AI tool for market research, and as a an AI content marketing tool. And if you are looking for free AI marketing tools, this should be your first stop. ChatGPT could be one of the most important new marketing tools in the past decade.

Marketers can use ChatGPT to quickly analyze keywords, topics, and questions that customer are searching for. ChatGPT and marketing tools such as SEMRush can then quickly prioritize those keywords for content creation. This is where ChatGPT really begins to shine.

Effective marketers are now using ChatGPT to create relevant and engaging content in minutes instead of hours. It all starts with a prompt. From there ChatGPT utilizes all of the knowledge of the internet to quickly create blog posts, papers, and social media posts.

In fact, this blog post started with the following prompt to ChatGPT: what is the topic of the post and what to include in paragraphs 2 through 4. Within seconds the first post was written, and after 20 minutes with the SEMRush writing tool, the post was ready.

Engaging Website Visitors

Another way AI can help marketers is by providing chatbots that can interact with website visitors and answer their questions. Chatbots help marketers by providing instant and personalized responses, making recommendations for additional information or products, and collecting feedback and data from visitors.

Chatbots themselves are easy to implement. There are a number of companies that make it easy to deploy chatbots in minutes using the latest natural language processing and machine learning tools. The most time-consuming part of the process is thinking through what are the most important topics for the chatbot to support.

This process is a great focusing moment for the company. It brings together marketing, sales, support, and product to discuss what it is that potential customers and existing customers need help with. Once the topics have been created and the bot has been deployed, website visitors can quickly get answers to their questions automatically and in real time.

Chatbots also provide another benefit to the company. As website visitors ask questions, some questions will not be answered by the bot, and some will be asked more frequently than others. These questions turn into actionable insights that can be used by marketing, sales, support, and product to better serve their target market.

Scheduling Meetings

Finally, AI and automation can help marketers follow up with leads and schedule meetings for sales. Scheduling bots work alongside the marketing and sales team to make sure that every lead is engaged, and to make sure scheduled meetings are attended.

While the sales team is working hard to meet with every interested customer, some times leads are missed, meeting requests come in after hours, and prospects don't show up for the meeting. This is where scheduling bots go to work. They automatically pick up leads that haven't been engaged, answer scheduling requests after hours, and proactively remind attendees about upcoming meetings. Scheduling bots even make it easy for attendees to reschedule meetings when needed.

Scheduling bots integrate directly with your CRM and calendars, and they work over chat, SMS, and voice. And best of all, they free your sales and marketing teams to focus on the things that they are most effective at: engaging with customers.

Wrapping Up

AI and automation are changing the game for marketers and helping them achieve better results. By using tools like ChatGPT, chatbots, and scheduling bots, effective marketers are creating more awareness, engage website visitors, and create more leads for sales.

Today's marketers are using ChatGPT to create relevant content in minutes. They are using chatbots to automatically engage and learn more about website visitors. And they are using scheduling bots to increase meeting books and decrease no-shows.

Leading companies are now taking an AI-driven approach in their marketing strategy and digital marketing efforts.

Contact us today to to learn more about how AI and automation can help your marketing efforts.



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